An account with permissions on one or more Silk sites.







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User information and permissions

We changed domains: please change any mentions of in the code examples to

After signing in (shown here) you can get information and permissions about the current user like this:

The first command returns XML with user information like name, email, UUID (unique user identifier) and creation date.

The second command returns a list with sites for which the user has permissions (read, write, admin).

Update user information

To update information about a user you can send the updated XML to the API like this (you need a uuid, which is in the response from the previous call):

The <password> element is optional, it should only be used when changing the password. The <old> element (the name is a bit strange) is the current password for the user account, it should always be included.

Sign out

To sign out (and invalidate your silk_sid cookie) do