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A site is a collection of pages available on a separate subdomain, for example Use the following API calls for sites.

Information about a site

To get information about a site, for example, use

The response gives information about the site (name, description) as well as the access levels for the current user (canRead, canWrite, isAdmin). The call above will give the access levels for a logged-out user. To see access levels for a certain user for a certain site use the silk_sid cookie for authentication like this (-b is used to add cookies in curl)


To get a list of the people with permissions (read/write/admin) for a particular site, do

This list includes normal users (those with a username and email address) and optionally two special cases. 

1. Anonymous

The anonymous user is a user that is not logged in. The above response indicates that the site is public. In private sites the anonymous account is not present.

2. Authenticated

The authenticated account represents everyone that is logged in. The following example shows a site that can be edited by everyone that has an account and is logged in.

List all sites

The API allows you to get a list of public sites.

It returns a list of public available Silk sites with information about them such as the ID of the creator, the creation date and permissions. By default it shows 100 sites. 

Search Silk sites by name

To search for a Silk site by its name use

The site name can be set by users in the 'manage this site' screen. When not filled in, the name of the site is equal to its url.

Site availability

Every Silk site resides on a subdomain which is unique. To check whether a Silk site is available for registering to claim do:

Subscribe to a site

Silk allows you to follow a site. This means the user will get a daily or weekly email with the changes to that site. To subscribe to a weekly email to a site do:

You can change "daily" into "weekly".