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Why do you use 2 domains (silkapp.com and silk.co) in the examples?

We recently changed our domain from silkapp.com to silk.co. Most text should reflect this change, but the code examples are not yet updated. We're planning on fixing this, but please replace any instance of silkapp.com to silk.co in the code examples in the meantime (these are mostly API links, e.g. 'curl https://api.silkapp.com/v1.4.0/user' becomes 'curl https://api.silk.co/v1.4.0/user').

Where can I find code examples?

We are working to release a Javascript and Haskell API clients (wrappers) soon. Other languages will follow swiftly. In the meantime we have two small examples in PHP that visualize information of world.silkapp.com on a map (code & example) and in a tree graph (code & example).

What kind of applications can I make with the Silk API?

This is really up to you and your creativity, but think data, mobile, visualizations, etc.

Do you have a blog?

Yes we have an engineering blog!

Is there a limit to the amount of API calls I can make?

No, at this point we do not have a limit. We rely that you use our API fairly (so no flooding or many fake/invalid requests). If you are unsure about this please contact us at support@silk.co so we have an idea what you are trying to accomplish. Maybe we can help.

Is there a maximun number of pages I can create?

The maximum number of pages you can create is 1000. This is the free tier in which you can experiment. If you want to create more than this, please contact us at support@silk.co, usually for experimental use we allow to create more pages if you tell us in advance.

There are errors in the documentation!

It can be possible that there are errors in this documentation, please let us know and we will fix it. It can also be possible that some of the responses you will get (for example the structure of the tag list or pages) are different from the documentation. The latest improvements might not be reflected correctly, but we will try to keep it up-to-date.

How do I switch between XML and JSON output?

The default response of the API is XML. If you want JSON as a response append ?type=json to the url. For example http://api.silk.co/v1.4.0/site/uri/world.silk.co/?type=json

Another option to get JSON back from the API is to send a header in your request with the following content type: Content-Type:text/json (the API tries to match the input and output formats).

How long does my authentication cookie stay active?

If you use the silk_sid cookie for authenticating users or to authenticate your application to access a private Silk site, your cookie will stay active for a year. Every time a request is done with this cookie, the expiration date will be a year from the last request. To put it in other words, if you access the API more that one time a year, you can use the same cookie forever, until you log out.